Granite View Foot & Ankle

Granite View Foot & Ankle Services

Emergency Care

When accidents happen, don't put off suffering with what you might think of as a "minor injury".

Contact Granite View Foot & Ankle as soon as possible to prevent long-term damage and pain.

Sports & Recreation

There are a wide range of sports and recreational opportunities throughout Northeast Oregon.

From injuries due to sports, hiking, or even horseback riding, Granite View Foot & Ankle can help.

X-Ray Technology

Identifying the exact pain points in the foot and ankle are crucial to proper care.

Granite View Foot & Ankle has the latest in X-ray technology to ensure precision.

Reconstructive Surgery

Arthritis and deformities to the rearfoot (near the heel) can cause debilitating pain.

Conservative treatments and surgery can be utilized to decrease pain and maintain your activity level.

Forefoot Surgery

We offer a variety of care options for many kinds of infectious conditions and wounds.

Each Forefoot Surgery is tailored exactly to the needs of the patient's foot for maximum efficiency.

Custom Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics help balance the muscle and joint complex of the foot.

Properly fitted orthotics can be used to treat a multitude of Foot and Ankle Pathologies.